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I'm an entrepreneur and investor based in London, UK (originally from Australia). I've co-founded a number of technology companies, including: New Bamboo, MediaCore, Panda and Pusher. Throughout the years I've started, grown, raised money and exited (some of) these companies.

My interests and expertise are in SaaS, EdTech, product design and using technology to supercharge sales & marketing.

Contact me: my first name at this domain.


  • New Bamboo (co-founder and board member) - Specialist web technology consultancy providing Ruby on Rails development and Agile training.
  • MediaCore (co-founder and board member) - Transform learning with online video.
  • Pusher (co-founder and board member) - Realtime push platform.
  • Panda (acquired in 2013). Open source cloud based video encoding solution.